White Carbon Diam LLP, headquartered at BKC, Mumbai, trades in loose diamonds and jewellerysince 25 years under the leadership of GyanchandDhadda and Uttam Dhadda.

White Carbon Diam LLP headquartered at the same address has been in the same business since 2018.

The Diamonds of White Carbon

White Carbon’s diamond creations are exquisite treasures that become a part of you, illuminating your style. In settings that reveal their complete magnificence, WC Diamonds radiate a sizzling brilliance.

Why WC Diamonds?

  • Economic Procuring: We have access to diamonds from nearly all suppliers in Mumbai and Surat giving us the edge to procure a wide range of solitaires at the most economic price possible.
  • Responsible Procuring: We ensure ecological and ethical sourcing of diamonds by purchasing only conflict-free diamonds pertaining to the Kimberley process.
  • Educated Purchase: Our gemologists are always available to educate you on basics of diamonds and suggest a stone or set of stones in your price range.

White Carbon Jewellery

Contemporary, yet classic, the jewellery designs at White Carbon are timeless creations to wear for a lifetime. Each diamond here is hand-picked by our trained gemologists for selecting only the best to be set up in WC Jewellery.

Why WC Jewellery?

  • Personalized Jewellery: We allow you to personalize your jewellery design which we then get manufactured by some of the finest local craftsmen.
  • Quality:At White Carbon, we believe in delivering high quality polished and finished jewellery with finest quality diamonds possible in the required price range.
  • Regular Maintenance: We provide free periodic cleaning for your jewellery which is a necessity for maintaining its beauty.

Director’s Message

We at White Carbon have demonstrated extraordinary growth and accomplishment over last 25 years. This success that we have achieved is the result of the core principles that we have always complied to - responsible and economic procurement, wide array of products at customers’ hands, extraordinary designs, impeccable craftsmanship and a rewarding customer experience.
Over the past decade, our company has made a strongcommitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices. Integrated throughout our business model, this commitment eagerly anticipates the challenges and embraces the opportunities that are a part of responsible corporate behaviour. These practices have become an integral part of the White Carbon promise. It is not only the right thing to do; it is the smart thing to do.
This distinguishes us from our competitors, resonates with our customers and in doing so creates long-term value for our stakeholders.
Such values and continued excellent customer service have made 80% of our customers drive back to us in the past year. Looking forward we plan to enhance our sustainable performance by developing qualitative and process-oriented goals to further embed sustainability into the core competencies of our business.